Home Cleaning - Maid Service in Fresno CA

 Move in/out Cleaning
House Cleaning
Apartment Cleaning
One Time Deep Cleaning

 3. Add on Services:

*Clean inside refrigerator

*Clean inside oven

*Clean inside cabinets

*Move-in/Move-out cleaning

*Clean outside windows

* Bathrooms - Full Cleaning.
* Kitchen - Sink, Counter-tops, Outside of Dishwasher, Outside of Refrigerator,  Outside of Oven, Stove, Outside of Cabinets, in/out of Microwave, hood. Vacuuming  Floors.  Mopping  Floors. Pantry.  Blinds. Window sills. Spot Clean Walls. Cobwebs. Top to bottom Full Clean. 
* Laundry Room - Outside of Cabinets, Sink, Wiping down Washers, Top to Bottom Full Clean.
* Bedrooms and Living Areas - Vacuuming  Floors.  Mopping  Floors.  Baseboards.  Blinds. General Dusting, Vacuuming, Wiping Down.  Doors and Door Frames.  Spot Clean Walls.  Window Sills. Reachable Ceiling Fans.  Light Switches.  Light Fixtures. Shelves.  Reachable Vents. Cobwebs everywhere.

*Windows just the inside including the tracks.

Full cleaning just not inside of appliances in kitchen.  

* Full cleaning everywhere, top to bottom excluding inside of appliances and windows outside.